Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sharston Boxing Club where are they know???? In the picture i know is , David Lincoln, Robbie Phillips, John Reid, Gary Brazil, Tony Lanzbergin, Mike Farghaly, Paul Livingstone, Martin Power, WHO ELSE ???????? ...

Tony LanzBergin  Winning Against Welsh Team  


  1. Me bottom left ....paul hendrick (hitmanhasbeennevermadeit)

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  3. Hi Guy,
    A great piece you have put on about Whythenshawe boxers. My name is Simon Byrne, I boxed at Sharston from1980 until 1987 when it finally shut it's doors! I remember a lot of the boxes, including my good friend John Reid who I am still in contact with! James Reid- David Lincoln - Robert Lucas - Nathan McGowan (bomber)
    Glen Fitchett - Paul Hendricks - mark Khan - Damien Madden -have some Sharston programmes! Had a fair few contest at Sharston and also had my first senior 3x3 minute round bout against an all Ireland champion who battered me for three rounds! Boxed for Manco after Sharston and had over 140 contest! I was north west counties light welterweight champion and boxed at National and international levels. Hung up the gloves in 1993 and myself and John Reid done all our a Coaching Badges over three years and ran Our Lady's And ST Johns Amateur Boxing club for several years before I relocated to Ireland. I am now head coach and gym Manager at the Connolly Amateur boxing club in County Longford. I have also pioneered the school Boxing Tutoring business bringing Boxing back into schools. I would Love to hear from David Lincoln! My son Luke who is boxing and is 17 is a huge Floyd Mayweather fan! I have told My son that David Lincoln was the first ever Mayweather! David's style and class was just amazing! Although I have never got to tell David he was a true inspiration to me, I think I am 6 years younger than David, he helped teach me how to box, and made me work hard on my defence. He was very good to me and others in the club.
    Sharston was an incredible club! Can not say too much about certain coaches but The late Frank McCabe was a true gentleman! R.I.P
    Great memories and definitely great life building skills!
    Look forward to hearing from you back, all the very best.

    Best Regards
    Simon Byrne.